We are hard at work on the middle school curriculum and wanted to show you guys what we are up to at the moment.

We’ve chosen the three Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding books (Middle School Science Education for Years 6-8) as the spine of our Year 1-9 Science curriculum. We love BFSU, but it is notoriously teacher intensive, so we are in the process of (literally) deconstructing it! This is us laying out all the lessons to organize them physically.FullSizeRender

We’ve also brought in a long time friend to help with the process. He’s a nuclear engineer who put himself through grad school teaching high school science in an impoverished rural school district. He’s just as impressed by BFSU as we are, though not so much by our lay-everything-out-on-his-floor process. 

He’s also helping us with scheduling high school science and helping us watch all the MIT lectures again. (His actual response was, you want me to sit in the recliner and take notes while smart people talk about physics? I’m in.) We’re still on track to put out the middle school curriculum in December, though it’s definitely going to be late December.


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8 thoughts on “Working Away on Years 6-8

  1. This is VERY exciting! I love your high school outline so much, and with a 6th grader this year – I am waiting as patiently as I can for the years 6-8 plan to be released. I am very intrigued to see what you all do with BFSU! You folks are doing great work – and there are a few of us out here who can’t wait to see more!


      1. Do you plan to offer any alternatives (thinking of history here, mostly) for people who don’t live in the United States? I’m in Canada and while we do plan to do a year of American history, we’ll probably end up substituting in Canadian history otherwise.


  2. Are you working on BFSU 1? If you are interested, I have detailed lesson plans/sequence in .pdf form that I wrote up (with diagrams that I collected and things like that) that you are welcome to use or consult as you like. It is full of typos, but nicely formatted and easy to read. It took a *huge* amount of time, but if someone else might find it helpful, I would be happy to share. I, too, am eager to see what you come up with for the middle years!


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