Hello all!

Today I began work on Ursa Minor again, which I know many of you are anxious to hear.

There are a few changes. First, Sam has decided to be an emeritus part of this project as she is currently working 80 hour weeks. I have all her book recommendations for Years 1 through 6, and her scheduling work, and we are still happily chatting about this project when she has the time.

Second, I can only sit and type for short stretches of time at the moment, though I’ve continued to improve, so updates probably slower than you all would prefer. I do want to assure you that they are going to happen, and that I am not abandoning this project.

I also wanted to leave you with a few resources I found while convalescing.

I listed to a lot of podcasts in the last months, and two of them might be useful or entertaining to older students.

  1. The History of Rome Podcast 
    • This podcast covers the entire history of Rome, from its founding to its fall. I found it engaging, if a bit lecture-y. I also really like the podcaster’s voice, which I have found to be a very important part of my enjoyment in audio media. Due to its more serious tone, I think it would be appropriate for most high school aged kids.
  2. The Lesser Bonapartes
    • This is a much more irreverent history podcast, with a much more casual tone and a lot more cursing than History of Rome. Probably best for older high schoolers. It also runs series that cross all of history and geography. I really enjoyed the series on Moorish Spain and The Taiping Rebellion. There are several different people involved in this podcast, some with better voices than others, but I enjoyed the humor and more conversational manner that they approached their subjects with.


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