Update, Year in Review

Year end round up and what we’re doing in the new year…

We hope you are all having a great start in this new year.

Last year we:

  • Published reading lists for 5 year levels.
  • Had 1,798 unique visitors to our site.
  • Created a Facebook and Instagram account.
  • Made 12 blog posts.
  • Saw a project that we were mainly doing for ourselves become a resource for our community.

Things we are working on in the first half of the year:

  • Completing Years 6 and 7.
  • Completing weekly schedules for Years 6-12.
  • Creating printable book lists for each grade for ease of trawling used bookstores and such.
  • The science curriculum for Years 6-12.
    • We plan on including lesson guides to help both create a more Charlotte Mason style approach in the sciences, and to decrease the amount of work parents need to do in preparation.
    • For each year we will include a lab supply list and a lab guide, a lesson guide, and a list of optional and extended resources.
  • A three option math track. Option 1 is the currently suggested math, though we are working to include notes on modifying it to different paces. We have a plan for a moderately paced Option 2, but Option 3 for those struggling with math is currently going slower than hoped, as we have not yet identified a math curriculum that seems ideal to us.
  • The optional and expanded lists for all subjects 6-8, and in history and citizenship for Year 9-12 (the optional and expanded lists for math and science are already up.)
    • We’ve found a volunteer with a much broader experience in World Religions than we have and with her help, and putting together two options for different approaches to World Religions.
    • Don’t worry! We’ve decided that all versions of the curriculum will stay available on the site, so if we make curriculum changes you will still be able to see older versions.
  • Creating a forum or Facebook group for discussion on using the curriculum. If you have a preference on a forum vs. Facebook, please let us know in the comments.

Anything else you all would like to see on our to do list? I know quite a few of you are waiting on Years 1-5, and we still hope to have them done before August. Once Year 1-5 are up to our standards, we’ll be focusing on creating non-US national history lists, suggestions for Masterly Inactivity and Adult learners, as well as creating resources on using the Charlotte Mason methodology in a secular setting.

We’d also really like to hear your feedback. I know most of you aren’t using this curriculum full time yet, but if you’ve used one of our book suggestions, done some of our suggested handcrafts, or have been inspired by us in some other way, we’d love to hear from you.