This is a sample list for composer studies. These are our suggestions, but you can tweak these to best fit your situation without a problem. There are religious works on this list, as you can’t really escape religious themes in the Western canon. We’ve tried to include a wide range of both types of music and themes on this list, as well as a selection of non-Western, non-Classical music.

Most music can either be found via YouTube or via a streaming service like Spotify.


  • Summer Term: Leonel Power (English, early 15th cen)
    • 1 Mass Cycle (We suggest Missa Alma Redemptoris Mater)
    • Quam Pulchra Es
    • Ave Regina Celorum Ave
  • Term 1: Claudio Monteverdi (Italian, 17th cen)
    • Lamento d’Arianna
    • Toccata from L’Orfeo
    • Si Dolce E’l Tormento
  • Term 2: Claude Debussey (French, late 19th cen)
    • Claire de Lune
    • La Mer
    • Jeux
  • Term 3: Traditional Japanese Music
    • Kachashi (Okinawan Folk Music): Tooshin Doi
    • Taiko: Ondekoza
    • Biwa Hoshi: The Tale of the Heike


  • Summer Term: Johannes Ockeghem (Flemmish, late 15th cen)
    • Missa Prolationum
    • Alma Redemtoris Mater
    • Mort, tu as navre/Miserere
  • Term 1: Domenico Scarlatti (Italian, 18th cen)
    • Sonate en La Minuer, K. 54: Allegro
    • Keyboard Sonata in G Major, Kk. 240
    • Sonata in E, Kk. 380: Andante Commodo
  • Term 2: Blind Lemon Jefferson (American, 20th cen)
    • Match Box Blues
    • See That My Grave’s Kept Clean
    • Jack O’Diamond Blues
  • Term 3: Andalusi Nubah (North Africa)
    • Wallada bint al-Mustakfi
    • Nuba Al-Istihlal
    • Qiyan of Al-Andalus


  • Summer Term: Hernando Franco and Hernando Franco, attributed (New Spain, 16th cen)
    • (Note: The hymns in Nahuatl are attributed to Hernando Franco, but were most likely composed by an indigenous individual who took Hernando Franco’s name upon baptism).
    • Magnificat De V Tono
    • Memento Mei, Deus
    • In Ilhuicaca Cihuapillle
    • Dios Itlazo Nantzine
  • Term 1: Ludwig van Beethoven (Austrian, late 18th cen)
    • Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13 “Pathetique”
    • Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
    • Grosse Fuge, Op. 133
  • Term 2: Henryk Gorecki (Polish, 20th cen)
    • Symphony No.1
    • Symphony No.3 “Symphony of the Sorrowful Songs
    • Quasi Una Fantasia: String Quartet No. 2, Op. 64
  • Term 3: Purandara Dasa (Indian, 16th cen)
    • Kandena Govindana
    • Ramanama Paayasake
    • Yaenu Maadi


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