Years 9-12

For teens and adults, our favorite resource for nature journaling is John Muir Laws. This site offers a plethora of free and paid resources for nature journaling, study, and drawing.

If you are just starting or need a refresher on why you might want to keep a nature journal, we suggest starting with John Muir Law’s Introduction to Nature Journaling video.

Laws argues that there are four main reasons to keep a nature journal, and none of them are about being artistically perfect. Instead, nature journals help us:

  1. Improve observational skills
  2. Increase memory
  3. Boost curiosity
  4. Practice sustained compassionate attention

If you only buy one book suggested by UML, buy Muir’s The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling. It is an amazing resource for nature journaling in a way Charlotte Mason would have adored. It has instructions on not only how to draw in a nature journal, but how to think like a naturalist and a scientist, how to present information graphically, and how to increase your observational skills to expand your journaling abilities. It speaks to both experienced journalers and to those who are just starting out. John Muir Laws is also dyslexic and has designed this book to appeal to dyslexic readers. It is a favorite, not only for school, but for afternoon free time.

Supplies To Start With:

If you are taking a nature walk beyond your backyard, remember to bring appropriate supplies such as water, sunscreen, and first aid kit depending on your needs.

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