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Working Away on Years 6-8

We are hard at work on the middle school curriculum and wanted to show you guys what we are up to at the moment.

We’ve chosen the three Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding books (Middle School Science Education for Years 6-8) as the spine of our Year 1-9 Science curriculum. We love BFSU, but it is notoriously teacher intensive, so we are in the process of (literally) deconstructing it! This is us laying out all the lessons to organize them physically.FullSizeRender

We’ve also brought in a long time friend to help with the process. He’s a nuclear engineer who put himself through grad school teaching high school science in an impoverished rural school district. He’s just as impressed by BFSU as we are, though not so much by our lay-everything-out-on-his-floor process. 

He’s also helping us with scheduling high school science and helping us watch all the MIT lectures again. (His actual response was, you want me to sit in the recliner and take notes while smart people talk about physics? I’m in.) We’re still on track to put out the middle school curriculum in December, though it’s definitely going to be late December.


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Social Media, Under Construction

Find us on Social Media

Our big announcement for the day: you can now find us on social media. We have a Facebook and an Instagram, and we would love for you to follow us.

We also wanted to say how blown away we are by the response to our work. It’s not even finished yet, and still we have people visiting our site and talking about our curriculum. Thank you all for your interest, please know how much we appreciate it.

For those of you who are curious, we are Kate and Sam (plus all our friends and family and co-op group members who have made suggestions, read books, and listened to us go on and on about how frustrated we are with public library access to some of our favorite resources). We are secular homeschoolers who saw a lack of curriculum choice for people like us, and after talking about putting together something for four years, we finally embarked on the journey this summer. We hope you find something of use here!

Math, Subject Sequence, Under Construction

Year 1-12 Math Sequence

For those of you who are looking for a sneak peak of the earlier grades, we posted the Y1-12 Math Sequence. This allows you to see the recommended sequence of books for a single subject, as well as expansion options for each year. Options for the main math sequence are under way and will be posted soon!

After a bit of back and forth, we are also moving primary sources to their own page for each grade. They take up a lot of real estate on the page, and for ease of reading we’ve decided to move them over the course of the next week. We don’t want anyone to be surprised by our construction dust!