What does Charlotte Mason inspired mean?

Ursa Minor Learning is a Charlotte Mason inspired, eclectic homeschooling curriculum centered around the twin pillars of history and science. We use many Charlotte Mason methods including narration, copywork, and dictation, a focus on living books, and a wide feast of human knowledge. We are not a pure Charlotte Mason curriculum. While we use Charlotte Mason methods, we also incorporate things she did not use in PNEU schools, often things that were inspired by Classical Education. In the lower years, you will also see Montessori and Reggio inspired ideas.

Is the curriculum secular?

We are a secular curriculum that is based around a firm scientific foundation. We trust that the scientific method is the best way to discover facts about our physical world.

Do you use books with religious content?

Yes and No. We use books that contain content about many religions, but do not use books that written for or to convert people to a specific religious “worldview.” It would be very difficult to teach history without mentioning the existence of Christianity or Islam or any other major world religion. Famous art and literature often contains religious symbolism. We believe that an understanding of world religions is an important part of education.

Do you only use classic/old books?

No. Many Charlotte Mason curricula use books that she would have used. Charlotte Mason, however, used many books that were contemporary to her. We also use contemporary books, especially in the sciences. You will find classic books, and books that are old as well. We tried to use the best book for every situation, but were often stymied by things going out of print. If you find a book has gone out of print and is unavailable, please let us know.

Do I have to use the curriculum as is?

No. Please tweak as needed to provide the best and most fitting education to your child.

Will this curriculum fulfill my state’s or country’s homeschooling requirements?

Maybe. Homeschooling requirements vary so much that it very difficult to meet them all, nor are we legal scholars or lawyers. Instead, we suggest you become familiar with your local regulations and tweak the curriculum to fit your needs.

Why years and not grades or forms?

Honestly, we felt Charlotte Mason’s Form V or Form IIa would make for a confusing schema for most parents, us included. Grades are not universal, and we didn’t want to link the years to ages, as we feel that parents should select the best year for their student based on ability and previous knowledge. Labeling them years, in the end, seemed like the simplest solution.

When will there be new content? 

We are hoping to have week by week schedules for the high school years, as well as the middle school curriculum up by December 2017. Everyone involved in the creation of Ursa Major Learning has a busy summer planned, and because UML is neither our paying jobs, or our kids, it has to take a back seat to the necessity of life.


Is this curriculum only for accelerated or gifted students?

No. While many of our beloved “guinea pig” students are either academic high achievers or gifted, this curriculum can be used by any student. Parents are encourage to tweak the curriculum in any way that best helps their student.

Can I reprint or repost this curriculum to my own site, a homeschooling forum, or somewhere else on the internet?

No. We love that you are enthusiastic about the curriculum. We would prefer that you simply link people to our site. We put a lot of work into this and while we are sharing it for free, we aren’t giving up our copyright.

Can I make a book suggestion?

Sure! We reserve the right to add it to the curriculum or not as we see fit, though.

Do you use affiliate links?

Yes. When you purchase a book from one of our links to Amazon, we receive a small commission. Currently, the only affiliate links we use are those directing you to Amazon. We do not receive any money from any curriculum creator.

Who took the photographs used on this website?

Please visit our Photo Credits page.

Have more questions?

Please contact us, we would be happy to help.